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Words can kill so let's recognize it for what it is

                The bodies of our three boys were just discovered. Words could not begin to describe my sorrow. My mind naturally drifts to, “What if I was sitting at home and I got a call….” And my brain freezes up. I am not built for that. I don’t think anyone is, but I am really not. And then I saw the headlines declaring that the bodies of the three terror victims were discovered, and something didn’t sit well in my mind.
                The criminal disgrace called the Peace Process has been a crime from which several Israeli and US public servants have made huge sums of money. Shimon Peres took in thirty eight million dollars last year for his selfless pursuit of peace. He received the Nobel Peace prize, a prize named after the inventor of dynamite. I remember that night; Shimon standing there embarrassed while Arafat, in military uniform refused to shake his hand.
But as a writer, the most painful aspect of witnessing this historic debacle was the disrespect paid to the English language and language in general. It could be argued that peace is not a process. It is a state of being. When the killing continued despite the signed documents, Peres, the master of the oxymoron, called the victims “sacrifices for peace”. Strange indeed since I thought that one of the byproducts of peace was an absence of human sacrifice. We’ve also been provided with such language challenging beauties like unilateral ceasefire, which seems like volunteering to help the enemy practice their marksmanship. Also, what are negotiations with pre-conditions? If I got what I wanted, I would have no reason to negotiate.
Directly after the Oslo accords, the Arab nations got together and tried to define terrorism. I thought that was strange. Defining an act as terror is like defining kindness; it is possible to define it but it is a thing that should be immediately recognized by any person with a reasonably well-adjusted psyche. Before Oslo, there was never any need to define ‘terror’. The Arabs had to do it in order to present themselves as being innocent of acts of terror and make the Israelis guilty of terror. I read articles today that refer to IDF actions as acts of terror, which is absurd since violence perpetrated by soldiers cannot be terror. It is an act of war. You can dispute the war, but not its definition.
                But undoubtedly the most inhuman, disgusting, criminal misuse of language is the term suicide bomber. It turns it into a tragedy that the poor Moslem has been forced to kill himself in order to shed Jewish blood. It is a horrific term.
                This is all old hat and we have learned to live with it. I reiterate it to strengthen my own resolve not to get sucked into the word game. To my surprise, calling the three boys terror victims did not sit well. After some introspection, I realized it was because an act of terror is meant to create terror, to influence the masses, and to create a political reality. Arabs killing Jews is no longer terror. It is plainly clear to them and the entire world that we aren’t going to leave. After 2000 years of exile, we have returned for good. They are not going to create any reaction other than grief and anger. The ability to feel enough terror that would make us leave our land ended with the Nazis.
                The only reason to kill those three boys was thirst for Jewish blood, something that still remains strong in the world, hidden behind polite political discussions, termed in love of the Palestinians and their plight.

                Bullshit. The only time anyone cares if Palestinians suffer is when Israel is involved. These people thirst for Jewish blood and the Palestinians are the most convenient tool, willing to die to kill our children. This is not terrorism. This is Jew killing in its twenty first century incarnation. See it for what it is.
                     If I can offer a few words of comfort, then I must bring the words of the Piasetzner Rebbe, Rav Kalonymous Kalman Shapira. While he was hiding from the Nazis during the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, he wrote Aish Halkodesh, Holy Fire. He did not survive but the manuscript did. He wrote about his own son’s murder which he witnessed with his own eyes. He said that the water libation begins in the Temple on the second day, the day of Yitzchak, which is confusing since Yitzchak is gvura, judgement, and water is chesed, loving kindness. He said that this is because the actions of the father are a sing for the children and in the future, judgement will become loving kindness. This was done because the binding of Isaac was intention whose action did not come to fruition. In the future, Jews who die for no reason or no other reason than they were Jews, are the completion of the act Avraham intended to do , an act without intention. Any Jew who is killed because he is a Jew is the completion of the sacrificing of Isaac. Avraham Avinu raised the knife and those dogs that walk on two legs brought the knife down. Our three dear children were on the level of Isaac, lying there next to him on the altar of stone

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Bracha said...

I wrote my comment on fb. Please don't insult dogs when comparing arab terrorists to vicious wild beings. I have no alternative word, but, am sure it is not "dog"