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Respecting Palestinians as a precursor to peace

I am prepared to get viciously attacked for this and am open to people telling me I am wrong, but please hear me through. I saw an article about a 'Peace' meeting between an Arab man and a Jewish woman. Without going into details, I feel that it s essential to point out that this is the case of a PA man and an Israeli woman. If it was a PA woman and a Jewish man, both would be dead. And that is fitting and proper. When building these relationships, you must absolutely respect the other side's values. When creating a Palestinian state, we absolutely must arm them because they want it and that is their culture. We must absolutely support them in their desire to live without pork and alcohol, to treat women like chattel and deprive them of rights. Female genital mutilation and child-brides are their heritage and their right. We have to support them in creating laws that make homosexuality punishable by death, otherwise we are not creating a Palestinian state, just a western state that they live in like we want them to so they will shut up and stop complaining, and that is disrespectful. And, yes, I am serious
I remember watching Donald Rumsfeld talk about the war in Iraq, saying the US was going to help them achieve democracy. Someone asked him, "what if they elect another despot like the last one?" It stumped him. The Palestinians chose Hamas. They chose to act as human shields. They make harsh choices, but you have to respect this as their choices. Even with the best of intentions, if you help them achieve a free society with equal rights for women and homosexuality, with plurality and separation of church and state, by helping them to achieve this, you have committed cultural genocide.  That is what the world has taken away from them; existence. If you shoot mortars into anther country's urban centers, they will attack you back. When the Palestinians do this, the world closes its eyes and says, 'nothing happened', turning the Palestinian's best efforts at national military expression into sound and fury signifying nothing. They are being treated with less recognition than little children. The world has turned them into non-existent, unempowered, unequal, non-entities. The Palestinians are fighting to get that back. When you do things like force Israel into unilateral ceasefires, unilateral peace moves like the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, make their murderers exempt from punishment, deny their place in Israeli history, and claim Israel never conquered  land in war by defeating them, you have denied them any shred of history or existence.

And, in fact, I have watched European anarchists come into Arab villages and goad the residents into rioting against armed IDF troops. They don't care about the Arab blood that is spilled. This is because they don't see the Palestinians, only their own self-righteousness. It isn't blood to them. It is only a statistic they can use against Israel. This disrespects the Arabs, and believe me, the Arabs know it.

The other Arab nations look down upon the Palestinians, and that must be rectified if the Palestinians are going to put down their weapons. They have no pride among their brethren because they have lived alongside the Jews. They must fight to have any self-respect. Any Peace Process must have in it a way to bring them respect.

When you make peace with them, it must be according to their definition of peace, which means living under sharia rule. Anything else is disrespectful and will not work. To a Moslem, peace does not mean a cessation of violence. Under most conditions, peace for them requires jihad. Many of the peace negotiations have left the Muslims with no choice but to wage war. It was very logical to the Muslims that Arafat showed up to receive the Nobel Peace Prize wearing a military uniform. For Westerners, it was either ironic or so absurd that it didn't register in their conscious. For a Muslim, it was a necessity. If you don't even respect them enough to understand their language, then please walk away from the table and shut your mouth.

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