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Wishing Manual

Instructions for wishing
The cover of the book promises a free wish with every purchase. The promise is real. Make a wish. Are you disappointed? Does that seem too simple? It’s really not. Allow me to explain. The simple act of wishing is actually very complex. Unfortunately, the fine art of wishing has been lost. It takes practice and must be learned. There are several components to a successful wish.
The least important thing about a wish is having it fulfilled. The wish itself has great value. A wish declares who you are, stabbing your pennant into the ground, declaring that here you stand, against all odds. After the day is done, when the belly has been fed, what is still left whispering in our ears as we lay in bed, is our souls’ hunger in this world. Western culture has dealt with our body’s needs, leaving us wantless, leaving our souls abandoned and starved. Many people have taken this one step further and become wishless, forgetting the heart and soul. Yet they are confused when their hunger continues after the body has been fed. So they seek more for the body, not understanding the soul’s source of hunger after the body is sated.
Man was created to want, because wanting creates a relationship. The relationship is the main thing. A child needs his father to give, and that creates the closest relationship. But society, in fear, has taken care of our needs, lining the highways with fast food dispensaries so that no one need go more than ten minutes without quick and easy access to food. Our needs have been replaced with a staggering array of wants. So we go shopping for wishes, see some shiny gadget on the internet and saying “Gee, I guess that’s what I want.”, when ten minutes ago we were living a perfectly fine life without it and humanity has stumbled along for ages without it. The want was manufactured, designed in. The wanting isn’t ours so the item will never fulfill our personal wishes. We will still be hungry, so when next year’s fashion or new thing comes around, we throw away what we were convinced to want last year and run after what was designed for us to want this year.
The first step towards a wish is to ask, “What do you want?” This question asks who you are. The answer may surprise you. I know it surprised me. When I wrote the free wish offer, I knew all the smarties would say, “I wish for one hundred more wishes”. Okay. You got it. You are the person who doesn’t have one special wish. You are the person who wanted a lot, but nothing really special. You are the person who wanted ‘more’. When a husband wishes for diamonds to give to his wife, the wish is worth more than the diamonds themselves. When an artist wishes for his art to live, his wish connects him to the infinite. Say your wish out loud. Does it say who you are? Can you live with your wish, cherish it, nurture it, watch it grow? The process is part of the wish, part of the gift. Climbing a mountain is a wish. Suddenly appearing at the top of a mountain is pointless. Look at someone you love. Do you know what their wish would be? Do you know who they are? Will you visit them in their garden of wishes?
The second component of a successful wish is to know what you want to wish for. The problem is that we are not used to asking that question. I have always felt overwhelmed by this question. Advertising is an enormous industry based on telling us what we want. How can you fight that, filter out the millions of messages being beamed directly into our consciousness? How can you wipe all that out and find yourself, your own, personal and unique wants, under that heap of commercial driven goop? Also, to keep the system working, we have relinquished our wants into the hands of others, wish experts. They know what we want. It used to be that if you wanted a chair, you picked up your tools and built it, bringing your own personal wish of a chair into existence. It fit you. Aaah, but you say today’s chairs are “better”. Perhaps. But it is not the chair I wished for. It is the chair the builder wished for. The process of “I wish”, “I envision”, “I create”, and “Here it is, here I am”, is different than simply buying something that someone else created. Making your visions real enlarges the inner-self, making an outer reality to match the inner vision, connecting you with the world by bringing more of you into it. The chair that I have built is my dream made real.
The final step of wishing is to ask. The difference between wishing and wanting is that wishing is asking the world for your dream to come into existence. Wanting takes away from the world, trapping a part of it and leaving just you. Wishing is asking, creating a giving relationship, connecting.
Please allow me to tell you a story. There was once a king who became angry at his son, the prince, banishing him from the palace and his kingdom. After many years, the king regretted his anger and wanted to return his son to the palace. He sent a knight to find him. After a long search, the noble knight found the prince living in a distant forest. The son had spent those long years living in poverty, sleeping outdoors, eating whatever he could find in the forest. His clothes were rags and his body was covered with sores. The knight was overjoyed when he found the prince. He explained his mission to the ragged young man and told him that he had been charged by the king to fulfill any wish the prince had so that he would return in joy to his father. The coffers of the kingdom were open for him. The son was confused, overwhelmed by his circumstances. He had been so long in the forest that the palace had become a distant dream. He stammered, asking if he could truly make any request and it would be fulfilled. The knight affirmed it joyously. The son, with fear lest he overstep, asked for a fresh roll with butter.
We are all princes. But we are even more than that. We are angels wearing clothes of flesh. When wishing, remember that more than the child wants to eat, the father longs to feed him. Fling open the doors of your heart knowing that you cannot be denied. I ask one thing. A true wish is a precious thing. It grows when new voices are added. Please, come to me in my dream. Whisper in my ear. Tell me who you are, what you wish for. We shall cry together, laugh together, wish together. We shall come together, not in riches, not pooling together all that we have, but in our wishes, what our souls long to bring into the world.

UNLIMITED WARRANTY: May all of your wishes come true.

Please share with me your wishes, hopes, and dreams. If you have met the Hope Merchant in any of his many forms and disguises, please tell me about it.

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