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Before I go

And when the good lord comes to take me away
Wrapping me in his gentle white wings of holiness
And he leans close to whisper in my ear
Asking me if I drank of his goodness while on his blessed earth
I shall smile and whisper
I greeted every man as your son and messenger
Searching his face for the message he brought from the king
I gazed upon every child
Seeing the glow that surrounds one so recently in your presence
And when you painted the sky at sunset with the brush of creation
I stopped to praise your handiwork
Laughing as the clouds danced their shadows across the hills
Neither did I forget to treasure my tears
Sent to ease my pain and water my dreams
“Yes, my lord.”
I tipped back my cup and drank of every moment
Shouting out a toast to your greatness
Until the final sweet drop slid through my thirsty lips

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